Residential & Home Renovation Team

From kitchens, bathrooms and basements to additions and attics, Grandeur Contracting can handle any type of residential project in Ottawa.

Our Residential &
Home Renovation Services

Home Renovations themselves are always a bit overwhelming for most people. We ensure you that working with Grandeur Contracting will leave you stress-free from beginning to end. We have trusted and licensed professionals to do an overall inspection of electrical and plumbing, should they apply to your project. This guarantees no unwanted issues.

Once the area is set and ready for renovations we begin right away on implementing your design that we both have agreed upon. Our team will recommend materials that best suit your needs and wants, as well as your budget. Through the use of BuilderTrend, we are able to provide you with a detailed look into the progress of your residential project. You’ll have access to pictures, videos, and direct contact with our team for updates. Access project updates from anywhere in the world! 

Our team will take the time to ask the questions needed to pinpoint exactly what is it you’re looking for. Years of experience in renovations have left us confident in helping you create the ultimate design. Get started on your home renovation or residential project with Grandeur Contracting, contact us today!


Starting a residential or commercial project in Ottawa? Work with our experienced and reliable team at Grandeur Contracting! 

Delivering Superior Results to Homeowner in Ottawa

We deliver quality work, attention to detail, skilled craftsmen and hassle-free service. From start to finish our team will be there to ensure you of any concerns or questions you may have through this journey.

What about the mess? That is always the ultimate question. It’s a dreadful thought to come home to a messy construction site in your home, or any mess of that matter, isn’t it? You can sleep sound knowing that all debris is taken upon completion, free of charge.

From the design stage to project completion, our team is fully committed to providing our customers with the best possible services to ensure superior quality results. Our team will be there step by step to ensure that any questions or concerns are addressed at any point. Let us help you with a home renovation you never thought possible!

Why Choose Us

Grandeur Contracting is known for superior results and magnificent production of design all while staying well within budget.

Dedicated Project Managers

Our project manager will be with you every step of the way. Don’t worry about stressing over the details, our project manager will handle everything for you. They will ensure that your vision becomes a reality all while staying true to your budget.

Fully Insured

Have peace of mind throughout your entire residential or commercial project. Grandeur is a fully insured contractor in Ottawa with the proper licensing and insurance. All of our team members are equipped with the proper equipment and training to complete the job safely and efficiently.

On-Time & Within Budget

Residential or commercial projects can be a huge undertaking and the industry can be hard to navigate. That is why our team is committed to delivering all projects on-time and within budget. We keep the lines of communication open at every stage of the project so that we can eliminate any surprises.